Advocacy for Gifted Children

I am passionate about helping and enriching the lives of students who are classified as gifted and talented. I am even more passionate about providing the tools, resources and professional development to empower those who are raising a gifted child or those who are teaching gifted children.


I want to provide you with the tools and resources to feel self-assured when working with gifted children. I want to encourage parents and teachers to fill up their toolboxes in order to feel confident in their own knowledge of asking for support with their gifted student’s needs. I want parents to know they have the right to ask questions and give input on their child’s learning plan. I want teachers to feel confident in working with gifted students in their mixed-level classrooms. I want the administration to feel like they have access to a knowledgable person who simply wants what is best for these unique students.

I want to empower you.


My goal is to help you feel confident working with gifted students whether it’s your own child, a student, or educating a staff. I want to get you the tools you need to feel confident working with gifted students.